Here are our services

Services offered

  • Expertise including the evaluation of installations versus client requirements
  • Building energy studies including the modeling and subsidy requests from different bodies such as Hydro-Québec, OEE, etc.
  • Design and preparation of plans and quotes
  • Construction site surveillance
  • Commissionning

Disciplines offered

Fire protection

  • Automatic sprinkler systems;
  • Fire protection piping systems;
  • Fire protection pump;
  • Specialized fire protection systems


  • Compressed air;
  • Sanitary and domestic water;
  • Medical gas;
  • Industry specialized systems;
  • Hot-water heating and cooling systems;
  • Vapor systems;
  • Ventilation and conditionning;
  • Electrical, numeric, digital and pneumatic controls

Ventilation and controls

  • Ventilation;
  • Specialized evacuation;
  • Conditionning;
  • Central, electrical and pneumatic controls

Building electricity

  • Lighting;
  • Electrical distrubution (normal and emergency);
  • Services;
  • IT and telephone system;
  • Security (fire protection, intrusion alarm, camera)

Note: when required, Ingémel experts-conseils works in partnership with other engineering firms that offer services in structural and civil engineering.

Energy savings department

  • Ingémel experts-conseils disposes in complementarity, of an energy savings department which, upon request, models buildings in order to define the mechanical, electrical and architectural installations that serve to achieve important energy savings.
  • This department allows the client to justify additional investments related to the energy savings integrated in his building.
  • The team at Ingémel experts-conseils ensures as well follow-up with different bodies (Hydro-Québec, OEE, etc) in order to obtain the available subsidies.